Slight blog update.. Turns into Complete Change

Turns out the redoable theme that I was using has a comment bug. When leaving comments about a particular post, it would leave the comment on the wrong post.  So for instance if you were commenting on this post, it may show up on my 2D/3D Microsoft Live Maps Post instead.  This was causing a bit of a confusion as you can imagine.

There was another problem with the redoable theme, I was getting comments that the black background text made for a bad user experience and that I should go with a white text.  I spent a fair bit of time digging through themes to see if I could find a theme I liked and ended up finding that over at they actually made available a theme based off of their own design.  If you blog and don’t regularly visit you’re missing out on a great resource. I highly recommend you check it daily.  So a new look and feel is launched here but I have a feeling that I’m going to have a custom theme designed for my site before long.

I know things have been quiet on the blog recently and I apologize. We’re really growing and expanding these days and it leaves me little time to blog.  We have some very very exciting new changes in place already that we haven’t announced and some even more exciting additions in the works.

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