/blog/ or /blogs/ or what? where do I go…

So I setup my fancy blog and am good to go. So I announce to my fellow geeks "hey I got a blog" and here's the address: https://jesscoburn.com/blog/  but only one problem.  My blog is actually at https://jesscoburn.com/blogs/ !!!  DOH!!

Well, actually this isn’t a problem.  By utilizing ISAPI-rewrite from helicontech (http://www.helicontech.com) I can rewrite this url and auto-magically redirect the urls.

So I created a file named httpd.ini in my root folder and in there I placed the following content:


RewriteRule  ^/blog/(.*)  /blogs/$1 [RP]

The [ISAPI_Rewrite] line says this is an ISAPI_Rewrite rule so pay attention (you need this).

The next line is the rule.  It translates as follows: ^/blog/(.*) says grab any queries that (^) start with /blog/ and (.*) have anything after them and redirect them to /blogs/  and place the anything that was behind /blog/ back in there.  The [RP] says issue this to the browser as a permanent redirect (appearantly search engines like this or so say the guys that translate the clay tablets that all things search engine are inscribed on.

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