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In May aspdotnetstorefront and Interprise will be presenting a technology conference spotlighting not only aspdotnetstorefront and interprise but will bring together over a dozen companies presenting their finest solutions in terms of Accounting, CRM, eCommerce, Point of Sale, Internet Security, Multi Channel Marketing, Credit Card Processing…. The list goes on. The long and short of it is that this will an excellent ecommerce workshop for any business, web developer or online professional looking to see what the latest innovations in online business are today and are to come.  Applied Innovations has been asked to lead a presentation on webhosting, explaining the latest trends in hosting,  technologies available and ofcourse threats to ecommerce based sites so that web developers specializing in e-commerce can make informed and educated decisions when selecting a webhosting platform for their application.

Applied Innovations has a solid track record as a Windows based hosting provider that has catered to e-commerce hosting since 1999. Today we power over 10,000 domains on our network and more than 70% of our customers operate ecommerce based websites.  To add to that I have a love for e-commerce. Not too many people know my own background with e-commerce. You see, back in 1996/1997 I wrote my own shopping cart system in Perl from the ground up. I spent the next 3 years extending it and eventually decided it would make an excellent e-mall application. So with my newly earned MCSE and already extensive webdeveloper and sys admin experience, I gathered the 30 clients I had developed sites for and started a windows hosting company catering ofcourse to ecommerce based web sites and “so it began”.  It’s hard to believe that today we’ve operated a hosting company since 1999 and that I’ve been building ecommerce since 1996. That’s longer than many ‘web hosts’ have been using computers.

Anyway, the opportunity is outstanding for us as we love to interact with developers and it gives us a chance to further demonstrate just why Applied Innovations is making such a buzz these days in the hosting industry and web developer communities.

You can learn more about the conference here and if you’re attending we’re looking forward to meeting you.

To learn more about our e-commerce hosting visit:

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