The great migration is now over .. I have returned to wordpress

A long time ago (okay about a year ago) when I first launched my wordpress based blog I stated one of the nice things about Windows hosting is that you can run a mix of applications.  If a PHP application is the best blogging engine available to fit your needs, you can run it while still running an ASP.NET e-commerce application for your main site, maybe a ASP based app for your livechat.  Well, as it turns out for my particular blogging needs, a PHP based blogging engine is the best fit.

DasBlog is a wonderful blogging application and I’ll use it elsewhere for other blogging needs but for my personal blog it was lacking features that I needed.

Why the conversion?

Sometime back a competitor posted a pretty nasty google adwords campaign against our brand and I took offense, I ended up blogging about this and one morning realized although I was proudly boasting how superior we were for not lowering ourselves to that level, my own blog posts were actually doing just that. I marked those blog posts as private and left them hidden for the world to never see. Well, the migration to dasBlog suddenly had those blog posts public! dasBlog lacked the ability for me to go in and edit those posts, mark those posts as private or hide those posts.  This meant I had to either hunt down these posts in my XML files and nuke them there, shutdown my website (which I did until I could decide what to do) or leave those posts public.  So I shutdown the site, removed those posts and reverted back to wordpress. Fortunately, I only had 3 blog posts (most of my time has been spent blogging on the appliedi blog to build up it’s own content) so this wasn’t a great loss.

When it’s all said and done, I’m still a very big advocate of wordpress and simply found myself lacking many features that I knew were available to me in wordpress, so I’m back.

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