Posting To WordPress From Windows Live Editor

This is a test post from within Windows Live Editor. Windows Live Editor is Microsoft’s new swiss army knife of blog editors. It’s actually really impressive. It supports several different types of blogs including Community Server and WordPress, as well as the popular blogging services. Really won’t go into that because there’s plenty of posts on the internet already related to this.

One of the nice things is that it ties directly into IE6 and provides a pretty comprehensive toolbar within IE6, including such features as

  • tabbed browsing
  • Search the web search box ( ofcourse but also provides the ability to search RSS feeds, news, the current website) lots of cool stuff.
  • I really can’t go into everything but it’s a very impressive toolset of features and searches.

It also provides a “blog on this page” feature that allows you to blog an article related to the webpage you’re currently on. This is probably the coolest time saver of all (unfortunately, I’m using FireFox these days so it doesn’t save alot of time for me..)

What I like the most is that I can blog from within a nice WYSIWYG editor without mucking up my wordpress plug-ins that aren’t compatible with WYSIWYG editors.

For more details on Windows Live Editor check it out at:

I’ll want to add that the view in the editor is identical to the view in your browser as posted to the blog. This is true for both community server and wordpress as I tested this prior to switching out of community server and into wordpress. It’s dead on in fact, even better than the WYSIWYG editors in wordpress.

It also supports uploading and scaling images to your blog making it easier to publish images in your blog entries so one of my next posts will hopefully be all cool and stuff with images like kewl guys and grrls..

One downside though, it seems to add some serious overhead to IE6 and atleast for me crashes the crap out of it.

 Okay one more addition. The past couple paragraphs were added after the post was added to the blog. I realized I wanted to see what would happen if I edited the posting and added more information after the post was posted and it just let me add it without any problems. Now that’s damn cool.

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