Automatic Login for SmarterMail Webmail.

One common request is how do I set it up so that my user's can automatically be logged into their smartermail webmail without having to manually enter their login id and password.  Well the solution is finally here:

The URL to use is:
[email protected]&password=USERPASSWORD
where is the url to mail server
[email protected] is the email address for the user in question
USERPASSWORD is the email password for the user in question

This would also make a great bookmark because now you could click your bookmark and be automatically logged into webmail. 

Another common request with smartermail's webmail is do I have to type my full email address in every time I log in? If you setup the webmail to respond to http://mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM and your email address is [email protected] then you can use just USER as your login id in the login form.  

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