Microsoft gets behind InstaSite and similar Web based site builders

I mentioned previously about Applied Innovations and our instasite sitebuilder and just how cool it is. I really believe that applications like this will revolutionize website design making it easier for the common person to put online a professional and yet custom website. Yet it's good to see we're not the only ones that think it's cool. In fact, Microsoft recently got behind SW-Soft's SiteBuilder.  In fact, a press release was released just yesterday regarding this: Best of all, our own Carlos Caneja is quoted in the letter:

….[ “Our shared hosting business built on Microsoft Windows-based applications has experienced excellent growth with the help of applications that are compelling and cost-effective for our customers,” said Carlos Caneja, CTO of Applied Innovations. “SWsoft SiteBuilder for Windows gives our business a strong advantage in enabling our customers to create, publish and edit attractive Web sites through a surprisingly easy-to-use wizard-driven interface.”]…

It really can't be summed up any better than that.

If you haven't tried Instasite (the Applied Innovations website builder) yet, please visit and try it today. Not only is it a powerful web based sitebuilder but it's also a free webbased sitebuilder included with all webhosting accounts at

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