Meet the Source Force — Free Training Virtual Labs — Free Toys!

SDN has a a new thing they've been doing for the past couple months called Source Force. Promoting a series of *FREE*, have you noticed I really like free, this blog should be renamed to "Jess's list of free and cool tools", Anyway a series of Free Virtual Labs on the MSDN site at What's better than getting free training? Free toys! If you do a couple labs and submit evaluations you'll get a free limited edition action figure (I suspect there's some office in Redmond right now with a thousand of these little guys all lined up battling).So I can highly recommend the Training labs from Fritz Onion. I picked up one of Fritz's books on and C# a couple years ago and find it one of my best most targetted and straight to the point books. His training is quite good and he really follows through with it including follow up items on his blog. Just one thing on the free toys, they're only available for the Months of Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr so better hurry while you can.

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