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I've been operating a photo gallery online for a long time, in fact I use https://gallery.menalto.com and recently upgraded to Gallery2 which is quite nice. But, with 5GB of images online it's time to clean up my act. Plus, we're a windows shop so I should have something more windows-centric. My gallery being over 5GB also made me realize that maybe this wasn't the best way to archive my images and I really don't need the original images online because no one but me seems interested in the full sized image. So what am I going to use? At home I use Picasa (http://picasa.google.com or http://www.picasa.com ) to organize all my images on my desktop, it scans your drives and sorts all your images via date and has an awesome interface. So for me the gallery solution I pick would be best to integrate with Picasa which narrows the field down. I'd also like to use a flash gallery. I think static galleries are just outdated and it's time to step it up. Initially I was going to go with the javascript app but the flash apps are just streamlined and the integration with picasa is a no brainer So the galleries that I've identified are:

  1. PiPiView – no it's not a view of my pee-pee, it's actually short for Picture Pile Viewer and can be seen here: http://pipiview.companje.nl/pipiview/2005/07/see-it-work.asp
  2. SlideShowPro – it's a bit more of a professional style gallery application, it can be seen here: http://www.slideshowpro.net/

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