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Microsoft & Zend give PHP a kickstart on IIS .. FastCGI for IIS!

Microsoft & Zend have partnered up to improve PHP performance on IIS (yet again!). Today on Bill Staples blog he talks about the great improvements being made: and really goes in depth with a nice demo on performance improvements being made. He has some nice screen captures, etc.   For me though, the best part is that they've released an preview ISAPI for IIS6 which is available for download here: Read more [...]

Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox Search Provider support added at

The Applied Innovations Webhosting Support Knowledgebase ( sees as many as 35,000 pageviews a day and as such we're constantly looking for new ways to increase it's ease of use for our webhosting clientbase.  Microsoft officially launched IE7 yesterday and we released our updated knowledgeable to coincide with the launch of IE7 and to leverage one of the newest features in IE7, the Search Provider.  By providing a custom Internet Explorer 7 Search Provider for Read more [...]

Why support PHP, PERL, MySQL, etc on shared Windows Hosting?

Many Windows hosts today are proudly stating "we only support Microsoft technologies on Microsoft hosting" and they follow it up with such statements as "why support something that doesn't have commercial support behind it? when there's a problem who do you go to?" or "We don't support these other scripting engines because they steal server resources and compromise server security". Not too long ago I made a post about running secure windows hosting, in that post I stated that the only way Read more [...]

Which VPS platform is the fastest? Benchmarking Virtuozzo, VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server on Windows.

I've pulled the article until I have time to properly benchmark all three systems on identical hardware, hopefully after the holidays.  Although I used different hardware, I firmly believe my numbers provided a reasonable estimate of what performance you would see using identical hardware.   I'd had verbal feedback from others that in fact they saw similar results but nothing to substantiate those comments. The differences between RAID, CPU's, Drives, etc all tended to balance out Read more [...]

PHP is not secure on Windows!

Today I was told "PHP is not secure on Windows" and "if you ran PHP on a windows server your server would get hacked". To add insult to injury, it was then implied that running PHP on your server would steal resources on your server that would otherwise be available to your ASP or applications and that if you wanted to operate a serious website you would never run PHP on a windows server.  This article will hopefully provide you details on how to better configure your IIS6 shared Read more [...]
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