Creating a Virtual Server 2005 Cluster

Server Virtualization is becoming a major item these days and is many companies are adopting it. I've heard storys all over the place from development to production, from guys using it to setup test labs of multiple servers using only a handful of boxes to companies replacing 700 physical servers with less than 350. For the hosting industry I believe this technology is going to completely replace shared hosting and how we think of shared hosting today. SWsoft is one company who's server virtualization platform is already targetting hosting. The ability to move a virtual server to another physical server with almost zero downtime is simply awesome. Blah Blah Blah On to the goods. Microsoft has an outstanding article on Virtual Server Clustering that can be downloaded from: If you're setting up virtual server, whether you plan to cluster it or not. I recommend you print out this article and read it thoroughly. It really does a great job of not only explaining the clustering setup but demonstrating just how powerful virtual server is and what can be done with it. Jess

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