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Free WordPress Themes from

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything so I thought I'd toss it out there that Applied Innovations has commissioned the design of 3 wordpress themes and are giving these away for FREE to the wordpress community.  As everyone that reads my blog knows I'm a big advocate of wordpress as a blogging platform and fully supports wordpress hosting on our windows servers. You can learn more about the wordpress themes at: Read more [...]

There’s a new database option available for PHP, It’s called SQL2005

Ever since Bill Staples first blogged about the collaborative work Microsoft was doing with Zend to improve PHP stability and performance on IIS, I've been giddy as a school girl. Having run a core component of the infrastructure that makes use of PHP and MySQL on IIS7 and making use of FastCGI and the new Windows CGI friendly DLLs/builds it's made me even more giddy, PHP simply zips along these days on our windows servers and I can't wait to move my blog to a box running FastCGI.  Read more [...]

WordPress 2.3 and Windows Live Writer Beta 3 bring new stuff to bloggers

WordPress 2.3 was released on September 25th. This release of WordPress brought some great new features: Native tagging support (previously available through plug-ins) Plug-in update notifications. and some URL handling improvements Earlier in September Windows Live Writer, Beta 3, was also released. This latest build of WLW brings with it: Insert Video dialog (previously available through plug-ins) Support for 28 additional languages Ability to print posts Improved image Read more [...] and IIS7 on Windows Server Core 2008

This week at Tech-Ed Bob Muglia announced that IIS7 would be supported as a role in Windows Server Core 2008. If you're not familiar with Server Core, it's a trimmed down version of Windows Server 2008 with just the bare minimum bits needed to run. Over the past few months we've had the great pleasure here at Applied Innovations to work with Microsoft and the IIS team at Microsoft as one of the earliest IIS7 Early Adopters. During the beta testing of Longhorn we had the opportunity Read more [...]

PHP on Windows and what’s happening

I blogged earlier about the great work the Microsoft Team was doing with the Zend team to get PHP running better on Windows. I can definitely say it's made a difference. Some of our clients run really large PHP sites or bulletin boards (in fact this blog is running on PHP 5.2.1 on Windows).  In today's Zend newsletter they mentioned an article in Redmond Developer News: Zend Boosts PHP on Windows. My favorite quote from the article is: "[A] lot of PHP development happens on Windows," says Read more [...]