CrazyTalk to Create Flash Videos

I’ve been looking at Text to Speech Flash applications trying to find that something that would allow me to dynamically generate a TTS based flash animation and have had zero luck.  However, during my search I came across crazytalk from This thing is hilarious. Unfortunately, it wants you to use it’s own ActiveX plugin to get the full effect of the animation and I’m hesitant to install a plug-in or require others to use my plug-in. It would be ideal if they supported direct to Flash animations. However, I did come up with a reasonable substitute. 

I used CrazyTalk to create a Video and saved it in MPEG-4 format. Then I used  the Riva FLV Encoder (free tool from to convert my AVI to a FLV file and am displaying it below using the FLV plugin tool mentioned earlier in my blog.

The video is a picture of myself and my wife and the audio, is well you’ll figure out who it is. Pay attention the blinking and the mouth movements, this program is really pretty nicely done.

[gv data=””][/gv]

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