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5 Cool Plugins for Windows Live Writer

One of my favorite applications is Windows Live Writer. It's a simple to use WYSIWYG blog editor that I've wrote about many times. I've been using it for probably over a year now and not too long ago it came out of beta. One of the things I truly enjoy with Windows Live Writer is that it's extensible with a very easy to use plugin system and because of this I'm going to spotlight a few of my favorite Windows Live Writer Plugins.   The Insert Polaroid Plug-in This plug-in is actually very Read more [...]

There’s a new database option available for PHP, It’s called SQL2005

Ever since Bill Staples first blogged about the collaborative work Microsoft was doing with Zend to improve PHP stability and performance on IIS, I've been giddy as a school girl. Having run a core component of the AppliedI.net infrastructure that makes use of PHP and MySQL on IIS7 and making use of FastCGI and the new Windows CGI friendly DLLs/builds it's made me even more giddy, PHP simply zips along these days on our windows servers and I can't wait to move my blog to a box running FastCGI.  Read more [...]

Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) File Extractor

We recently needed a way to extract files from a sharepoint site's document libraries. With sharepoint all the files are stored in a SQL database so it would seem connecting to the database and pulling all the files out manually wouldn't be such a hard thing to do. After a fair amount of time googling for such a solution I finally found it over at Mark Jen's blog. Mark's solution it turns out didn't work for WSS 3.0 but in the comments a fella by the name of eric writes: I have modified the Read more [...]

Are You Getting ViewState Errors like: "The viewstate is invalid for this page and might be corrupted."

If you're seeing viewstate errors like "The viewstate is invalid for this page and might be corrupted" here's the dealio.  For security ASP.NET encrypts the viewstate using an Autogenerated Key that is generated when your application pool (or worker process) is started. At AppliedI.net (and many hosts today) each website is placed in a unique application pool so your site is isolated from the other sites on the server. If your application pool recycles for whatever reason, the viewstate key Read more [...]

How Microsoft UK got hacked and how you can learn from their mistakes

I subscribe to windowsecurity.com's newsletter which is actually a pretty good read. Today's newsletter has an article about the Microsoft UK Events Website getting defaced and goes into great detail to show just how the site was compromised. In a nutshell, they used SQL Injection and the fact that the web.config was configured to display errors instead of displaying a custom error page. I highly recommend any developer or website owner to review the article at: http://www.windowsecurity.com/articles/Microsoft-UK-Events-Website-Hacked.html Read more [...]
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