You know it’s a good training session when . . . .

You walk away with a ton of new links and tools to go check out.

I attended the “exploring new web technologies” training session today by Microsoft, lead by the infamous Joe Healy. Although much of the information was redundant from other training I have attended previously (this was a 100 level training session actually) I collected the following great links and tidbits:

  1. has all the MIX sessions from this year’s and last year’s MIX’s available for download or streaming. If you click on on any of the streaming ones they stream via SILVERLIGHT! 
  2. Expression Blend 2 Alpha is available from the Expression website and includes support for the next version of Silverlight (v1.1 alpha) including the integrated CLR (can you say .NET running on multiple platforms… AND SO IT BEGINS!)
  3. Vulcantech, a local company purchased clipper from CA and supposedly has made it much faster and Joe says they’re sharp cookies. This I just jotted down because it was local.
  4. Foxpro is going opensource.
  5. Michael Wesch, a digital anthropologist has a cool video on youtube: here.
  6. Nikhil Kothari’s Web development helper is good stuff. I’m still a big fan of firebug in firefox though.
  7. has lots of good tidbits
  8. The latest Bradley vehicle uses WPF for their navigation system or something like that. Not sure, but this is pretty cool if it turns out to be accurate.
  9. has some cool stuff on it.
  10. XamlPad is a simple xaml editor. Here‘s a simple youtube editor on how to use it.
  11. Microsoft seems pretty cool about distributing VPC images provided you time bomb them. Ofcourse you’ll want to get permission from MS, etc. But the fact that you could distro a demo of your application on a ready to run VPC image is cool.
  12. Microsoft will give you 4GB of free diskspace to stream some silverlight content of your choice.

Finally, if you’re not aware already. Applied Innovations fully supports XAML hosting today on the .net framework 3.0 as well as full support for ASP.NET AJAX and silverlight as well.

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