Windows Live Writer Style Not Updated

I recently installed the WordPress Category Visibility Plug-in which allows you to select categories you don’t want to show up in different places on your blog. I have delicious set to upload my delicious links every day to a special category and I removed it from the frontpage to keep it from junking up my blog.  I also set the default category so that all of these entries would be entered in their own category and this is the category I don’t display on the homepage.  Well, shortly after this change I updated my blog template and when I went to update my Windows Live Writer so it would show new posts using the new template it failed, and failed and failed. I really couldn’t figure it out.

Well today I went to check my delicious links and found all the temp posts that WLW uses when it’s trying to determine your blog’s style (very cool actually). Turns out the problem was that these posts weren’t displaying on the homepage but instead in my delicious category and also weren’t getting deleted (I have like 50 temp posts in there). I turned the default category back to “Uncategorized” and set it to display on the homepage and presto! WLW works again. I suspect I’m not the only one having this issue so I hope this helps someone else.

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