updated the blog with new features and a new look

The blog needed a little love and was time for a makeover. I wanted to change up the theme and add a few features. I found a great article on building link love through creating “ultimate lists of …..” and one of the examples was a smashingmagazine.com article on 83 wordpress themes you probably never seen. #1 on the themes list was this theme, redoable. I have to say, it’s a pretty nice theme.

What’s so cool about the new theme?

I like the extended live article plug-in in wordpress. it gives the uber-cool google suggest style live updating search results (example do a search for virtuozzo and watch the articles start to show up).

I also added probably the plug-in with the absolute coolest administration panel of all time. It’s called gregarious and manages the digg and social bookmark links in a very clean manner.

Next I added the “popularity” plugin.  This plugin shows what posts are most popular.

Why the change?

Well, I didn’t like how the old blog theme handled H tags that was really it. It was a very clean and professional theme. The mean reason I changed was that it’s nice to change up the design from time to time and it keeps the blog exciting and new for both me and you 🙂

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