Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – Microsoft Code Samples

Microsoft has recently started providing a series of websites to help with adoption of their development tools. We’re all familiar with the ASP.NET and IIS.NET but there’s a couple other new sites I thought I’d point out, MSDN Code Gallery and CodePlex.

The MSDN Code Gallery

The MSDN Code Gallery is a brand new resource and it’s goal is to provide a portal for snippets, samples and other code resources. You can find code gallery at:

and on code gallery you can find articles on all the latest topics, Sharepoint, LINQ, MVC, WPF, etc.


CodePlex is Microsoft’s donation to the development of opensource projects on the Microsoft family of development tools. You can learn more about it:

The nice thing about codeplex is that it’s all open-source (FREE) projects and has everything from project homepages and downloads to discussions and bug reporting. Projects are tagged and searchable.

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