Read that EULA & PUR! That’s what I learned today!

I recently posted a blog entry about my ‘informal’ apples to oranges comparison of the different virtualization platforms available for windows. Apparently I didn’t spell it out clear enough that things were not on a level playing field.  Well, guys I did it. I went and pissed off Bob. Sorry Bob.

But Bob taught me a couple lessons:

first don’t post half a**ed comparisons without coming out and telling everyone they are half a**ed comparisons and making it blatantly obvious they are half a**ed. I thought I described the different hardware that I had available at the time and mentioned that I had a brand new server on the way to do a real benchmark. He’s 100% correct though so I’m saying it here:  Guys my benchmark from 10/1 is half-assed! There I said.  (but you can bet your a** I’m going to be very thorough in my next test using the same exact machine all running only ONE virtual instance!)

second, read the EULAs & PURs! (that’s End User License Agreement and Product Use Rights) before you go doing something stupid like creating a half a**ed comparison and posting your results on the Internet.  So basically don’t just click “I Agree” and run off installing that application.

So here’s what I learned:

1. VMware’s EULA states:

You may use the Software to conduct internal performance testing and benchmarking studies, the results of which you (and not unauthorized third parties) may publish or publicly disseminate; provided that VMware has reviewed and approved of the methodology, assumptions and other parameters of the study. Please contact VMware at to request such review.

Okay so I can share my results with others just I can't publish them or publicly make them available. Seems like privately sharing my results is okay though?

2. Microsoft's Product Use Rights (a 66 page word doc of legalese) says:

i. Software. You must obtain Microsoft

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