Pimpin’ My WordPress Part 5 – Hiding Categories in WordPress

I’m using del.icios.us to post links to my blog on a daily basis in a seperate category called: Daily Links & Tidbits. The nice thing about this is that my blog is updated every single day. The bad thing is that if I don’t write an article for a couple days and only post links the blog looks like crap. So I decided it would be awesome if I could hide these posts from showing up on the homepage but still have them show up everywhere else in my blog. The solution:

The WordPress Category Visibility Plugin

This plug-in allows me to tag categories and assign them visibility options such as:

Front: Visibility on the front/main page.
List: Visibility on the list of categories on the sidebar.
Search: Visibility in search results.
Feed: Visibility in RSS/RSS2/Atom feeds.
Archive: Visibility in archive links (i.e., calendar links).
User Level: Visibility on user level basis. All users this level and higher can see categories as checked. Does not affect feed visibility, obviously.
Numeric User Levels: Administrator: 10, Editor: 7, Author: 2, Contributor: 1, Subscriber: 0, Premium_subscriber: 0

So I unchecked Front on the category I didn’t want to display on the homepage and ta-dah, the category is now hidden but still searchable, available in the list of categories, available via RSS feeds and shows in the Archive.

This is definitely a great plug-in.

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