Lazy email users + poor passwords = SPAM!

We host several thousand domains and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of email users so battling SPAM and keeping spam from originating from our network is a daily part of the job. This blog post is a really a warning that every mail domain administrator, webmaster, domain owner, etc should pick their password for their accounts easily as the spammers are using bots to do to brute force password attacks against email accounts. Please do not do things like: * set the password for an email account as the same as your domain or a part of your domain. If your domain is don't make a user like [email protected] with a password joe, joes, or even joesemail. * don't use the username as the password * don't set the password to 123 * don't use simple dictionary words, doesn't matter if it's from the klingon dictionary it's gonna get you hacked. I realize these things are computer geek 101 and perhaps you're the uber-geek but I bet your users probably aren't and they're the ones that are going to use simple passwords.

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