I’ve been Arrested & Locked up for the MDA

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend an hour making phone calls to my friends and family to raise money for the MDA. I’d like to thank everyone that donated or made a pledge, it’s most appreciated and I’m happy we were able to raise so much money.  I had a goal of $2600 but raised a total of only $680.00. Still $680 is not bad for an hour of phone time and I’m proud to be able to say we all came together to raise money for a worthwhile charity.

One of the great things about the Internet is that it brings ease and access to everyone for just about everything.  Like most the MDA has recognized the value the Internet brings and has evolved.  You can now make a donation online. In fact I have my own donations page available:

Click here to Donate

This is certainly a big change from the milk cartons we used pick up at the local 7-11 and then use as kids to collection donations door-to-door around the neighborhood to “help jerry’s kids”.

I know the MDA has been both praised and attack but one thing is certain they are definitely helping people with Muscular Distrophy so I encourage others to donate as well.

Oh and for my hour of time I got a nice little goodies bag and a pretty nice picture frame. It’s funny, I noticed if you got your $2600 bail you got a t-shirt, if you missed it you got a picture frame. Honestly, I have enough t-shirts, I’m not a college kid any more and although I still enjoy wearing t-shirts (like my Rocky Balboa T-shirts from 80stees.com ) they just don’t get the use they used to. The picture frame was a much nicer gift in my opinion.

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