It’s been a full year and now a major change .. now blogging in WordPress

I just realized that my blog has been active for over a year now. Can't believe I'm still blogging, I thought for sure I would have quit by now. Well after much research I've decided to migrate my blog from Community Server (a dot net based blogging application) to WordPress, a php and mysql blogging application. CommunityServer is a great application developed and backed by a commercial organization, unfortunately as a commercial organization they want to make more money and have released many add-ons as commercial plugins. Since this is a personal blog and I make no money from it, it doesn't make sense to purchase these add-ons. So I looked for an alternative and really wanted a dotnet based application but when it's all said and done, WordPress won. WordPress is written in PHP & MySQL and contrary to what the linux drones would have you believe PHP & MySQL run without flaw on Windows thanks to good developers and a little talent from the system administrators at One of the features I wanted from my blog was the ability to create blog entries via email, with community server you have to purchase this add-on, with wordpress, you have to simply enable it. I wanted a better theme system and with wordpress there are hundreds of freely and commercially available themes. With CS, it was a hard hunt. Finally, I just wanted a change. So here it is. I have to say wordpress was quite easy to get up and running and migrating from CS wasn't the easiest possible as I had to move each entry manually, but alas it's online.

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