Introducing the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce Video

Applied Innovations has long been recognized as a leading windows hosting provider with a global reach. We’ve been selected to power over 10,000 websites for clients across the globe as well as the United States. Unfortunately, we never really targeted our local market. South Florida is home to atleast 8 different hosting companies of equal or larger size. In fact, Verio and Valueweb are both headquartered just a short drive from our office.

Recently we began marketing our services more locally and it’s working extremely well. One of the things we did was join the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce. I got my start in engineering as an Electrical Engineer for Motorola Messaging when it based in Boynton Beach. When the time came to join a Chamber of Commerce the Boynton Chamber was an easy choice, having previously been home to such a major technology giant as Motorola.

The Boynton Beach chamber recently commissioned a video to be made spotlighting several of the local businesses and was asked to assist with the “internetizing” (my own term, coined by me, all rights reserved) of the video I recommended we use Google Videos. My role was nothing more than uploading the video to google.

Google Video was extremely easy to use. The company commissioned to create the video converted it to a MPEG4 at 15 FPS and the video came in just under 100MB. I uploaded this to google and within a few minutes the video was ready to view.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce Video (please note this video is available on their site, I’m simply posting it here because I believe the Chamber does good work for the community and the area businesses)


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