Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox Search Provider support added at

The Applied Innovations Webhosting Support Knowledgebase ( sees as many as 35,000 pageviews a day and as such we’re constantly looking for new ways to increase it’s ease of use for our webhosting clientbase.  Microsoft officially launched IE7 yesterday and we released our updated knowledgeable to coincide with the launch of IE7 and to leverage one of the newest features in IE7, the Search Provider. 

By providing a custom Internet Explorer 7 Search Provider for our knowledgebase, our hosting clients can search the support knowledgebase directly from within Internet Explorer. We didn’t stop there though. With the current betas of Firefox 2.0 moving along nicely, we’ve made sure our search provider was compatible with Firefox 2.0 as well.

By integrating the Support Knowledgebase search with their web browser our hosting clients will have easy access to perform a Full-Text search against one of the most thorough windows web hosting support references on the Internet.

Applied Innovations believes quick, accurate and friendly support is one of the most sought after features by any webhosting client and we work to always provide the best level of support possible be it through new and innovative search techniques, toll-free telephone support or Web based live chat. 

Below is a screen capture of what the Search Provider looks like in IE7

And also a screen capture of it running in Firefox 2.0

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