Installed Tweet Suite plug-in

I’ve become a huge fan of twittering as I’ve been picking up a bunch of great tips on it. I follow Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo) on twitter (who was one of the devs on COD4 and I play a lot of COD these days) and he posted that he was installing tweet suite on his own blog so I wanted to try it out.

Tweet suite creates some twitter widgets on your blog for “My Tweets”, “Most Tweets” and “Recently Tweeted”. If you enter your twitter details it will also auto-twitter when you post a new blog entry so this post is actually to see if that works.

I did notice a bit of a bug with the app though. First time I posted the settings I didn’t have the right password. I tried to change it and wordpress threw up on me. I think it’s working okay but we’ll soon see.

Anyway, Tweet Suite looks, well Sweet! (DUH!)

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