Great News for those looking to run their own IIS7 / Longhorn Server

We’ve had the pleasure of really digging in Longhorn and IIS7 for a few months now but yesterday Microsoft made the first public beta release of Longhorn available. This new beta also includes the latest builds of IIS7 and a plethora of new information was released along with this.

You can learn more about what’s new in this release of IIS7 on  Bill Staples blog has a great write-up on just what all has changed with IIS7 in this release.

The IIS team has the golive program and details available at:

In addition, if you just want to see what your application will look like in a beta shared IIS7 hosting environment then head over to our IIS7 beta page and check it out.  We’ve been deploying ruby-on-rails on IIS7, FastCGI and PHP on IIS7 and really trying to see just what she can do. Yes, we’re committed to providing the tools developers demand and PHP  (and soon FastCGI) on the Windows platform are two tools they’ll be demanding more and more. We’re already seeing a strong adoption of PHP/MySQL applications on shared hosting be is CMS applications, E-Commerce applications, Forums and Bulletin Boards or custom applications, PHP on Windows is going to become a very common shared hosting environment and we’re offering it, TODAY!

IIS7 is without question going to revolutionize not only Windows Hosting and shared hosting as a whole but is going to bring a new level of control and configurability to developers. To get developers up to speed immediately the IIS team has made available an IIS7 developers resource center off of the website.  In the past few weeks there’s been a large number of new articles and webcasts posted as well. IIS.NET is definitely a site worth bookmarking.

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