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With the new addition to the family I’ve got a renewed interest in taking photographs (and video) and ofcourse sharing them. Yeah, I’m one of those Dads.  So today I wanted to crop a image for William’s website (yeah, not even 5 days old and he’s already got his own website at ). The image I wanted to crop and enhance was of the wallpaper border in his room of Pooh Bear.  The only tools I had available on my desktop were picasa and snag-it.

So the first thing I started to do was download a trial of photoshop elements or paint shop pro (I miss the days JASC provided it). Then it struck me that Adobe recently made an online version of photoshop available called adobe photoshop express. I created a free account, uploaded the image was able to enhance, rotate and crop it within 5 minutes and the finished product is visible on William’s site.

So here’s a few online photo editors available for free (I love freebies):

Adobe Photoshop Express – Adobe’s actually late to the game but they have the name and reputation to bring them to #1 pretty quickly if not already.

FotoFlexer -  This is actually my favorite of the ones I played with tonight. It has a lot of features the others don’t seem to have and little gadgets I love like inserting your own face in a picture, creating little inspirational posters, etc.

Splashup – It seemed pretty basic to me and I really didn’t get that involved with it.

Picnik – I enjoyed using this one and found it really intuitive.

I also found a couple ASP.NET projects that seemed to offer basic features and could make a nice little runner up. Who knows maybe you’ll see before long 😉

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