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This Blog article is a test to see if blogging via ink is usable. What I’m finding is my bad handwriting is picked up pretty easily. However I have a hard time with lowercase g’s. considering I type close to 100 words a minute this is much slower. I’m using windows Live writer and a HP 1100 tablet pc. Ok that’s about 5 minutes this article is done. It’s too slow for me.

Here is an ink Blog image so you can see my writing.

This is Y

writing. yes

it’s had to


So I typed er wrote “This is my writing. yes it’s hard to read.” And the PC did a decent job reading it. Probably better than you. I’d say it’s very promising technology . . . . . Go Vista!!

Okay that’s as far as I could bear writing on the screen. It’s great for taking notes or jotting down tidbits but I’ve been typing since the 7th grade and it’s just much faster for me, even with huge hands a little tiny 12″ laptop.  I do have to say overall the attempt was pretty good. That was really my first experience using ink on the tablet and it’s very impressive stuff.  I’m looking forward to sharing more of my experience with tablet computing.  I think the coolest thing is that you can close the laptop and suddenly it becomes a 12″ DVD player that’s very ergonomic.  Although the recognition in the above image was less than good it was pretty decent all things considered. I’m sure as I get more familiar with the tablet and pen, I will become more aware of my and the PC’s little intricacies and we’ll work better together.

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