Become a Webhosting affiliate – make millions!!

Okay, maybe not millions but it’s definitely profitable to be a webhosting affiliate. I really haven’t blogged about our webhosting affiliate program but I suppose it’s about time I do. The Applied Innovations affiliate program pays $25 per referral. This means you put a special tracking URL on your website with nothing more than “We recommend: for hosting” as the text and every time someone clicks that link and signs up for hosting you get paid $25!  A nice thing is that cookie lives for 30 days so if they follow that link, bookmark it and then come back later to sign up, you’ll still get paid!

Better than that, it’s a 2-tiered system. This means anyone you refer that sends signups gets you a 10% commission on all of their signups! You just can’t beat the potential there. 

How Much Can I Make As a Hosting Affiliate?

Here’s the late night infomercial spiel. Let’s say you refer 3 people who refer 3 people each. What would you make? $75 for the first 3 people and then another $22.50 from the 9 referrer referree’s for a total of $97.50! Not too shabby, almost $100 for nothing more than a text link on your website? How can you beat that?

But the other guys pay more?

Yeah but they other guys SUCK too! We’ve been scrutinized that the referral rates should be 2-6X more than $25 and there are those companies out there that do pay that much, but like the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! 

And guess what? Those companies SUCK! (yeah it’s my blog so I can say suck!). Okay maybe they don’t all suck but they do make it a little harder to earn and they provide absolutely no second tier and we believe that’s where the real potential earnings will come in.

Many of these companies:

  • don’t pay
  • scrutinize every signup and void most!
  • offer a poor level of service that results in unhappy customers and someone upset at you for referring them
  • don’t provide accurate tracking or any sort of traffic logging!
  • or just outright suck!

Do a search on hosting affiliates and you’ll find almost everyone of the large paying affiliate systems just don’t convert or don’t pay! is definitely not one of these companies!  Sure we do have a terms and conditions agreement but that’s to protect us as much as it is to protect you. The last thing anyone needs is a bad apple ruining it for everyone else.

Does Your Affiliate System Actually Pay?


We launched this just a couple months ago as a sort of closed test system before rolling it out to all of our clients. We wanted to see how it would perform for us and if it would be easily administered and managed. We have 3 affiliates all getting checks for $350 or more! We have a bunch more getting checks for atleast $100 and almost every one of these affiliates is seeing a 2nd tier income already from their affiliates referrals. 

Good quality webhosting as affordable prices converts easily!

What’s Next?

A special affiliate’s only hosting bundle is in the works. We are working on a hosting offering  that will be an affiliate hosting special that’s only going to be available if purchased through an affiliate, this would mean a unique discount offering from you to your site visitors that at the same time would land you $25! CHA-CHING! (and possibly more CHA-CHA-CHING! but more on that at a later date)

What do I do?

If you haven’t already done so, you need to head over to our webhosting affiliate site and signup. Then post your linking codes and banners on your site and watch your email. We have a few special promotions in the works for our affiliates!

How do I promote my affiliate link?

So first thing you should do is select one of the ready made banners, buttons, text ads, or links from our site and post it on your site. I’m personally fond of a simple “this site proudly hosted by:” with a link back through your affiliate account. But banners and buttons in the proper place do very well. Many believe the bigger the banner the better the conversions but truth is location is king and where you place your banners will really dictate how many eyes land on it.

Another great way to spread the word is write a blog article (you are blogging, right?) about Applied Innovations and our hosting service. Even make it a blog about your site/store and mention in there that your hosting provider is Applied Innovations. 

We have seen great results from affiliates posting links to us in their forum signatures (everything from car forums, to myspace posts, to gamer forums have converted!). Good forum results have been from forum posts in web design and developer related forums & websites.

But the best results are from testimonial postings, either on forums, blogs or even directly on your website. People want referrals for webhosting. There’s too many cold marketing machine hosts, too many “I have a server in my basement” hosts, too many slicksters that people want to know who a good host is and if they’re on your site chances are they’re happy and want to know who your host is!  What better than to recommend a Microsoft Certified Gold Hosting Partner with plans from just $7.96/month!

Show me the money!

Okay, so maybe you won’t make a million dollars as a hosting affiliate. You’ll definitely make a nice chunk of change for doing nothing more than what you probably do for free today! Referring your friends to Applied Innovations for the same great support and help you get yourself.

Remember if you’re happy and you know it, refer your friends (and don’t forget to sign up for our windows webhosting affiliate program)

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  1. I joined another hosting company and by now i still not quite sure how they calculate the money. here is the link [CENSORED]

    I want to ask if i got three referer and they only got 7. how they calculate? take 22.50 divide by 9 multiply 7?

  2. Well you should join ours Loon, it's straightforward and we provide a nice windows tray app that alerts you when someone signs up as an affiliate. Sweet and simple.

    Also this is my blog, my dime, I'm not going to allow links to other hosts on it, no link popularity building here. I think you're employed by the other host based on your other blogs and the links there.

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