AT&T offering DSL at $10/month for new subscribers

It’s not really hosting related but if you’re like me, you probably have half a dozen friends that haven’t jumped on the broadband train just yet because of the price. Well thanks to the AT&T, Bellsouth merger you’ll now be able to get DSL for $10/month in all of AT&T’s 22 states they service.  

What’s even more exciting than this is that they’re to offer an option to get DSL without requiring phone service.  I know today many people that don’t have home phone service as cell phones are far more convenient these days. In fact if it wasn’t for my alarm system, I’d be among those people as I never use my home phone number.

You can find more information about it here.  What’s most surprising are the reports that they have quietly introduced this without a press release or any sort of acknowledgement of it on their website.

  3. The Tennessean

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