ASP.NET AJAX Hosting Support launched

The past week was a big week for Applied Innovations, the ASP.NET team finally set ASP.NET AJAX (formerly Atlas) as RTM and as a result we released full support for it.

I’ve been a big fan of AJAX for a long time and in fact, it’s used in my blog theme here with the search box. Ofcourse my blog is done in PHP but the concepts are the same.

You can see our Press Release on ASP.NET AJAX hosting over at PRweb:

I point out emediawire because some many of the other news sources chop up the PR into what fits best. What’s so great about AppliedI offering ASP.NET AJAX hosting? It’s the great hosting promotion we’re offering with it. We’re including 3 free months of hosting and a FREE SQL2005 database with new signups.  Pretty nice offer honestly.

You can learn more about ajax from our site at (and also get details on the promotion).

Looks like Brad Abrams picked up on our offering of AJAX support too.

In fact, looks like we’ve created quite a buzz around our offering.

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