My New SuperRig (AKA the gaming/media beast)


Experienced as a Web Developer and Web Server administrator since 1994, in 1999 Jess set out to start a Web Hosting Provider that would leverage the latest in cutting edge and innovative technologies and make them available to businesses in a way that was easy to understand, easy to use and affordable. Today Applied Innovations is a recognized leader in Windows Hosting and specializes in ASP.NET, E-Commerce and Advanced Web Application Hosting.

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8 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Most important question for me is how quiet is it? Does that new video card sound like a hovercraft? Is the sound level comparable to the newer Dell desktops?

  2. Jess says:

    The fan on the video card adds no noticeable noise to the box. The box was very quiet prior to the card swap and very much comparable to the newer dell desktops.

    The powersupply however was a coolermaster 600W…

    and I'm sad to say it's not a very quiet PSU and has increased the noise level. It will have to be replaced before long. I read the reviews prior to purchasing this PSU and saw a couple people complain about rattling from the PSU fan agains the safety guard, I had the same problem and loosened the screws to provide some clearance there. For $50 it's a decent powersupply but I will probably return the PSU for a better unit.

    so 5 thumbs up on the desktop and on the video card, 2 thumbs up on the PSU.

  3. JChamberlin says:

    Nice PC. I thought about getting one, but resisted the temptation.

  4. jcoburn says:

    Yeah James, first time it was posted on SD, I resisted as well. Second time I wasn't going to miss it! 🙂

    Just like the refurb zune for $99 first time didn't need it, second time oh yeah I needed it! What I'll do with it . . . I have no idea 🙂

  5. Ed says:

    Nice PC. I'm working towards building the same PC as you Jesscoburn. Too bad I got in on the M8100y deal like 2 weeks earlier and ended up with the E6850 system. Anyways, I went to bestbuy today and picked up the 8800 GT very card, I'm assuming this card will fit since your GTS fit. The question I have for you is that your PSU, are the cables able to fit into the box without any problems? I was looking into the COOLER MASTER Real Power Pro RS-750-ACAA-A1..Iwondering if you have any input on whether this sucker will fit into the 8100y case.

    Have you thought about adding one of those PCI fans…like the one here…

    Let me know…how ur system is running now. THanks!!


  6. Jess says:


    The system is running great. BTW, on the slickdeals site HP is running this promo again on this machine for $650 so it's a good time to grab one if you need a spare (I'm considering picking one up as a home server).

    On the power supply, I had no problem with the fit or the cabling for the power supply. As long as it's a standard size PSU you should be good.

    One the PCI fan, not sure if there is room honestly. This thing is pretty full. I'd have to crack it back open and look. I'd be concerned about fan noise too. At some point I am going to pick up a different PSU because this one is a bit noisy.

    The box is still a lean, mean gaming machine. and for the price you couldn't ask for anything better. I love the front ports on it. I showed my wife how to connect the camcorder via firewire and rip her movies to DVD and this box does that without effort. I'm considering reloading this machine to Vista 64bit and will upgrade it to 4GB of memory before long too (2GB is 'ok' for vista, but she wants 4GB).

    Thanks for the comments.


  7. Jess says:

    Oh and one more thing ed, tigerdirect is semi-local for me (they're in miami and I head down there frequently) but I prefer, the prices are great and the customer service FANTASTIC!

  8. Ed says:

    Thanks for the input Jess. I ordered the Coolmaster 750watt PSU from ZipZoomFly. Great deal on it right now….after rebates, only 49.99 + shipping. Great reviews on that PSU. I actually got 4gb of ram on my system, but it doesnt seem that much of a difference in performance wise…will have to wait to see when i insert the 8800GT card in there. Can't do it till I get the new PSU tho, since as you know the M8100y only has 350w PSU. NewEgg is actually has a warehouse in my state of NJ which stinks because they charge tax. Have you tried the game Crysis on your new suped up system yet?

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