proudly sponsors a new webmaster forum

Applied Innovations is pleased to sponsor and we look forward to long and growing relationship with is an online webmaster and web developer forum that strives to become one of the premiere forums on the Internet. is ideal for the beginning web developer to the advanced web developer looking to share tips, notes and build an online community of adult web professionals.

Applied Innovations will be sponsoring numerous contests for as well providing tutorials and developer resources as part of

We’re pleased to be sponsoring We firmly believe in and the mission of their founders. Still in it’s early infancy the forums in just 3 days has generated 400 posts on topics ranging from ASP.NET & PHP development to Microsoft Expression Web usage to webhosting reviews. 

One of the greatest features of is that it’s an adsense revenue sharing forum. What this means is that users enter their google adsense id as part of the registration process. Then as they participate in the forum threads and discussions randomly their adsense ID will be used in sponsored ads. They’ll receive full credit for any clicks or impressions received for threads they start or end. A user’s own ads will never be displayed to them and 100% of all ad impressions of the revenue shared ads will go to the members.  Truly an online community built by the community for the community. 

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