Applied Innovations is all grown up & Microsoft Certified Gold!

Applied Innovations ( (applied-eye is how we say it, most of our hosting clients call it app-lid-E) was merely an idea in November of 1998, in February of 1999 we took on our first webhosting clients and officially launched the company as a Microsoft Windows webhosting company running NT4 and IIS4.0 and offering both ASP & PERL on windows!  When Windows 2000 launched we were among the first hosts to launch Windows 2000 hosting and joined the Windows 2000 Hosting early adopter program.

The move from NT4 to 2000 was probably the easiest migration we had ever made and to become a Windows 2000 only host was not difficult at all. Why? Because we only had 1 webserver and 110 websites!

Since our modest start Applied Innovations has continued to grow and today is recognized in the webhosting community as a premier windows webhost specilizing in E-Commerce and webhosting.

It is with great pride I announce that we have finally completed the process of becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with multiple competancies and specilizations.

Achieving status as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner represents our commitment to one of the core values Applied Innovations was founded on: to provide the best level of service, support and technical expertise to our clients possible.   Microsoft Gold Certified Partner represents the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and provides us the closest working relationship with Microsoft allowing us to provide an even higher level of service and support to our hosting customers. 

Applied Innovations currently maintains Gold Certified Partner competencies in: Networking Infrastructure Solutions and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions with a specialization in Hosting Solutions.

Applied Innovations Corp (, A Boca Raton, FL based webhosting provider was founded in 1999 to provide cost effective webhosting solutions to Small and Medium sized businesses allowing them to grow and successfully compete in the Online Marketplace. Today we host thousands of websites and have clients worldwide. Our specialization is hosting, E-Commerce hosting and sharepoint hosting on the Microsoft Windows family of Operating Systems.

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  1. Being a customer and reseller since 2001 from my perspective you should be proud. Not only has Applied-Eye continued to grow it's proficiencies but your customer service team is second to none. I wish other companies I deal with were even close but they aren't. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon Applied Innovations, I've never looked back. Congratulations!

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