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Microsoft & Zend give PHP a kickstart on IIS .. FastCGI for IIS!

Microsoft & Zend have partnered up to improve PHP performance on IIS (yet again!). Today on Bill Staples blog he talks about the great improvements being made: and really goes in depth with a nice demo on performance improvements being made. He has some nice screen captures, etc.   For me though, the best part is that they've released an preview ISAPI for IIS6 which is available for download here: Read more [...]

Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox Search Provider support added at

The Applied Innovations Webhosting Support Knowledgebase ( sees as many as 35,000 pageviews a day and as such we're constantly looking for new ways to increase it's ease of use for our webhosting clientbase.  Microsoft officially launched IE7 yesterday and we released our updated knowledgeable to coincide with the launch of IE7 and to leverage one of the newest features in IE7, the Search Provider.  By providing a custom Internet Explorer 7 Search Provider for Read more [...]

Lonely? Waiting for someone to write about your site? Looking for Link-Love? Now you can buy link-love!

0 is a pretty interesting concept. You pay bloggers to write permanent blog articles about a page/product on your site. These articles get distributed, spidered and links all over and you get instant link love. What's this mean? Hrm how about Increased PageRank, Trust, Brand Recognition and oh yes LINK LOVE BABY! Let's face it blogs are here to express personal opinions, provide a means of sharing your views, experiences and knowledge and ofcourse getting search engine placement for Read more [...]

Uninstalling Windows OneCare in Vista RC2

I upgraded my home PC to Vista today from XP Mediacenter edition and earlier this week I had an email that the new OneCare 1.5 beta was released and "NOW WORKS WITH VISTA". So I figured I'd install the new version of OneCare. First, you have to uninstall OneCare before installing a new version, the problem is trying to uninstall OneCare I kept getting an error '0x2'. DOH! So here's the trick to uninstalling OneCare (courtesy of this link). Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility: msicuu2.exe Read more [...]

I got ICONIZED! Yeap, I’m now a desktop cartoon character

I read an article recently about For $50 they'd take a picture of you and create an icon out of it. Think of it as a digital cariacture.  Well, I couldn't resist it. $50 is a lot of money for this, no question about it but it's just too cool of a concept to not do it. Here's the original image and here's the generated image. The artist that did the work was Jose Ramos and I'd highly recommend him. BTW, now that I have a digitized picture of myself, the FUN begins. First Read more [...]
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