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June 16, 2009
Windows Hosting has a new look, at anyway.  Our developers have been working on a new site design for us for quite some time now and yesterday we went live with several homepage changes that reflect the new changes in the works for the appliedi website. Don’t worry though we’re not anywhere near done as we’re migrating the site to a CMS application that will allow the site to be more dynamic and updated much more frequently.
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Enabling WP Super Cache for WordPress on Windows Hosting
February 10, 2009
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PHP on Windows Server is gaining great popularity thanks to Windows Hosts that support PHP like us (Applied Innovations), the work Microsoft and Zend are doing together to make PHP even faster on Windows and the large number of PHP developers that realize Apache represents only a piece of the total website/ webserver market out there and want to really expand their market.  A few months ago I had enabled WP-cache on my site but in order to get it running I needed to make numerous tweaks. WP-SuperCache Read more [...]
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Quickly Configure or Disable ETags in IIS7 or IIS6
October 2, 2008
With the move of my blog to a new server, so comes a few new tweaks. Fortunately, I'm on an Windows 2008 Hosting account and I have had delegation enabled so I can remotely manage all the features in my IIS7 website with the IIS7 manager (but more on that in a later post). Earlier this year I fired up firebug and the Y!Slow application from Yahoo to really dial in my website's performance. One of these changes was to disable ETags. On the IIS6 server I was on I found an ISAPI filter that I could Read more [...]
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Microsoft releases Hyper-V 2008 Server.
October 2, 2008
Microsoft released Hyper-V Server 2008 yesterday and it’s now available for FREE download.  This is a bare-metal standalone hypervisor, meaning that you don’t install a host OS on the machine before installing this. You just install this and then create your VM’s and install the OS of choice into your VMs. I think the best way to think of this is as Server Core but with only one role: Virtualization.  Or think Hyper-V without the overhead of a full Host OS.  Here’s a few Read more [...]
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September 25, 2008
Last week announced support for Windows 2008 shared hosting and SQL Server 2008 shared hosting and I have immediately moved over to the new platform. My blog is based on WordPress which is a PHP application. On the IIS7 platform we've enabled FastCGI and are using the newest build of PHP5 with the 'non-thread safe' DLLs for better performance in a CGI type environment.  What's the big deal? Speed: because of the new DLLs and the FastCGI infrastructure.  Security: Read more [...]