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AT&T offering DSL at $10/month for new subscribers

It's not really hosting related but if you're like me, you probably have half a dozen friends that haven't jumped on the broadband train just yet because of the price. Well thanks to the AT&T, Bellsouth merger you'll now be able to get DSL for $10/month in all of AT&T's 22 states they service.   What's even more exciting than this is that they're to offer an option to get DSL without requiring phone service.  I know today many people that don't have home phone service as Read more [...] and IIS7 on Windows Server Core 2008

This week at Tech-Ed Bob Muglia announced that IIS7 would be supported as a role in Windows Server Core 2008. If you're not familiar with Server Core, it's a trimmed down version of Windows Server 2008 with just the bare minimum bits needed to run. Over the past few months we've had the great pleasure here at Applied Innovations to work with Microsoft and the IIS team at Microsoft as one of the earliest IIS7 Early Adopters. During the beta testing of Longhorn we had the opportunity Read more [...]

New Version of Windows Live Writer

Looks like today was a big day in the Microsoft Live area. Live Writer has quickly become a preferred blog authoring tool for just about everyone I've introduced it to. In fact, I can't think of anyone that uses anything else!  There's a ton of new features but my favorite is the new API that allows for more customization. Why is this great? There's already a plethora of extensions for Windows Live Writer and this is only going to promote more. Check out the windows live writer blog for Read more [...]

The evolution of

I was using the wayback machine at to review some of the old versions of the website. Here's one of the earliest versions. This was actually the second incarnation of   This was from late 1999, note the emphasis on NT Hosting! :) Here's what our site looked like in 2001. Some of the javascript features don't display today but you get the general ideal.   What I like most about these early designs was some of the information on there.  The Read more [...]

Applied Innovations Mentioned in eWeek

eWeek has an article talking about Beta 3 of Longhorn and it mentions the current IIS7 Beta hosts: MaximumASP DiscountASP Applied Innovations Hostmysite Web Fusion and mentions the following hosts are due to release their offering soon: CrystalTech Mosso Affinity You can read the article here:,1895,2122318,00.asp Read more [...]
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