24 Hours with dasBlog .. reviews from a wordpress refugee


Experienced as a Web Developer and Web Server administrator since 1994, in 1999 Jess set out to start a Web Hosting Provider that would leverage the latest in cutting edge and innovative technologies and make them available to businesses in a way that was easy to understand, easy to use and affordable. Today Applied Innovations is a recognized leader in Windows Hosting and specializes in ASP.NET, E-Commerce and Advanced Web Application Hosting.

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4 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    I found your blog via Google while searching for and your post regarding 24 Hours with dasBlog .. reviews from a wordpress refugee looks very interesting for me

  2. Prakash says:

    I was looking for a dasBlog review and found your article very helpful, thanks for it

  3. Dominic says:

    Great comments about WordPress. It's a great tool but it sure needs a lot of plugins to make it work right.

  4. jcoburn says:

    Dominic, you're absolutely correct. To get the most out of wordpress you need to really enable a half dozen + different plug-ins and/or widgets. It's not simply plug and play and may make it a bad choice for less technical bloggers. This is where solutions like, dasblog, blogengine.net, subtext and graffiti all excel. They are generally very easy to configure. Graffiti is probably the easiest of the batch as you just upload and go, no configuring databases, etc (of course it being a commercial product you also pay for that convenience.) Jess

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