From October 2007


What kind of monster are you? Using MonsterID comments in your wordpress blog

I've enabled MonsterID comment image tags on my blog and discuss MonsterID, it's use and my blog theme in this article. What is MonsterID MonsterID is a method of generating a unique monster image based upon a certain identifier, usually based on IP address, email address or something similar. It's used to automatically create a personal avatar image in blog comments  and community sites. You can learn more about it at these places: MonsterID @ MonsterID as Gravatar Read more [...]

WordPress 2.3 and Windows Live Writer Beta 3 bring new stuff to bloggers

WordPress 2.3 was released on September 25th. This release of WordPress brought some great new features: Native tagging support (previously available through plug-ins) Plug-in update notifications. and some URL handling improvements Earlier in September Windows Live Writer, Beta 3, was also released. This latest build of WLW brings with it: Insert Video dialog (previously available through plug-ins) Support for 28 additional languages Ability to print posts Improved image Read more [...]

Stream DVDs to your Xbox 360 from your Media PC (part 2)

This blog article was initially just one large article and in an attempt to make it more enjoyable I've broken it down into 3 parts. This is part 2, using My Movies Catalog. My Movies Catalog is an add-on tool for Windows Media Center which allows you to connect to a webservice and pull down information such as box covers, a movie synopsis, cast and crew biographies and such. My Movies also allows you to categorize your movies.  My Movies is available from Adding the Read more [...]