/blog/ or /blogs/ or what? where do I go…

So I setup my fancy blog and am good to go. So I announce to my fellow geeks “hey I got a blog” and here’s the address: http://www.jesscoburn.com/blog/  but only one problem.  My blog is actually at http://www.jesscoburn.com/blogs/ !!!  DOH!!

Well, actually this isn’t a problem.  By utilizing ISAPI-rewrite from helicontech (http://www.helicontech.com) I can rewrite this url and auto-magically redirect the urls.


Hello World! My First Blog Post

The first official geek log er… um… uh… I mean blog post will be on this blog application. The blog is using Community Server by Telligent Systems and blog hosting by Applied Innovations. To create the blog was pretty simply thanks to the AppliedI.net support team:

1. I simply had a SQL2000 database created for me.
2. I uploaded the contents of the community