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Free WordPress Themes from Appliedi.net

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything so I thought I'd toss it out there that Applied Innovations has commissioned the design of 3 wordpress themes and are giving these away for FREE to the wordpress community.  As everyone that reads my blog knows I'm a big advocate of wordpress as a blogging platform and appliedi.net fully supports wordpress hosting on our windows servers. You can learn more about the wordpress themes at: http://www.appliedi.net/blog/2007/12/11/three-free-wordpress-themes/ Read more [...]

What kind of monster are you? Using MonsterID comments in your wordpress blog

I've enabled MonsterID comment image tags on my blog and discuss MonsterID, it's use and my blog theme in this article. What is MonsterID MonsterID is a method of generating a unique monster image based upon a certain identifier, usually based on IP address, email address or something similar. It's used to automatically create a personal avatar image in blog comments  and community sites. You can learn more about it at these places: MonsterID @ splitbrain.org. MonsterID as Gravatar Read more [...]

Windows Live Writer + Ultimate Tag Warrior = a killer tag team!

Without question the WYSIWYG editors for WordPress are lacking and the only way to create a decent wordpress post is using a blog editor. There are may blog editors available these days from the free to the commercial but my preferred blog editor is Windows Live Editor, a free beta application from Microsoft that supports almost every blog application available. One of the nice features of WLW is that it's expandable via extensions. One much requested extension is the ability to create tags for your Read more [...]