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Smartermail, Spamassassin, Virtuozzo VPSs

A follow up to Smartertools answers the cry on the fight against spam with smartermail 4.0. Alot of clients have been asking about how we're handling spamassassin with Smartermail 4.0.  It's no secret that spamassassin on a windows server runs horribly slow. If more than a handful of domains are involved I have no doubt that spamassassin would cripple the server if not fail completely.  However I also believe that greylisting is the more effective component in the smartertools anti-spam Read more [...]

Windows Live Writer Style Not Updated

I recently installed the WordPress Category Visibility Plug-in which allows you to select categories you don't want to show up in different places on your blog. I have delicious set to upload my delicious links every day to a special category and I removed it from the frontpage to keep it from junking up my blog.  I also set the default category so that all of these entries would be entered in their own category and this is the category I don't display on the homepage.  Well, shortly after Read more [...]

SQL Injection Attacks

If you write any kind of script on the Internet be it ASP,, PHP, PERL, Ruby, Python, anything that accesses a database then you should be aware of SQL Injection attacks. This posting is going to reference two other blogs, one is the great Scott Guthrie's blog (best damn blog on on the Internet) and his post on Guarding Against SQL Injection attacks. The second blog we'll reference is Scott's inspiration for his blog article, Michael Suttons blog and his work to see just how bad SQL Read more [...]

A new theme & my fonts are jagged! HELP!

I installed a new theme last night at home and was really happy with it. The new theme is called Lush and was originally created by: Marco van Hylckama Vlieg. (say that 5 times real fast, I dare you!) It was ported to WordPress by: Christoph Boecken. I like the theme because it's got the ultra cool (and useful too) AJAX powered live search at the top, the ability to adjust font sizes from within the homepage (helps for those late at night reads) built in support for widgets and support for some Read more [...]

WP Tutorial: Your First WP Plugin « Mark on WordPress



Tutorial on creating your first WordPress Plug-in.  Mark has created a fantastic video tutorial on creating your first wordpress plug-in. Definitely worth checking out.

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