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Applied Innovations spotlighted as featured host by, an industry magazine and technical resource, contacted Applied Innovations recently to do a story on us. has been making a splash these days in the windows hosting industry and it's no wonder they wanted to feature Applied Innovations.  HostingTech interviewed our CTO, Carlos Caneja, and did an excellent write up on Applied Innovations. A huge thanks to hostingtech for featuring Applied Innovations. Read more [...] awarded top 10 hosting recognition from

I got an email today to let me know that Applied Innovations was selected as a top 10 host by is a hosting directory that allows you to enter different features and options you want from your webhosting account and then compares webhosts to see which is the best fit for you.  Applied Innovations was founded 1999 and as companies mature they evolve and we're no exception.  We spent all of 2005 and the better half of 2006 re-evaluating our hosting Read more [...]

diamonds? emeralds? no it’s rubys! ruby on rails on windows!

February is the month of love. With the exchanging of Chocolates and Flowers, Jewelry and Gifts, what a better time than February to release the newest gem of web development: Ruby on Rails on Windows!  Mike Volodarsky (a product manager with the IIS team at Microsoft) has given us a Ruby on Rails on Windows tutorial. (BTW, this guy has the good stuff in his blog go subscribe to his feed) Everyone that knows me, knows I love the "bad ass, cool stuff" and honestly I've been feeling Read more [...]

IIS7 Beta Hosting Released

This week Applied Innovations officially launched IIS7 hosting. We're offering hosting on the Beta of Longhorn / IIS7 as part of the Microsoft Early Adopter Program (Actually, I think we're early Early Adopters as I believe only 2 other companies are offering IIS7 beta hosting today). Unlike the other hosting providers that are offering beta hosting only to their existing customers, Applied Innovations is taking it up a notch and offering beta hosting to anyone that's interested in getting a sneak Read more [...]

Smartermail, Spamassassin, Virtuozzo VPSs

A follow up to Smartertools answers the cry on the fight against spam with smartermail 4.0. Alot of clients have been asking about how we're handling spamassassin with Smartermail 4.0.  It's no secret that spamassassin on a windows server runs horribly slow. If more than a handful of domains are involved I have no doubt that spamassassin would cripple the server if not fail completely.  However I also believe that greylisting is the more effective component in the smartertools anti-spam Read more [...]