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My website’s been hacked and I need to remove a folder named COM1

No not my website, but probably yours if you had anonymous FTP open.  So here's the scenario, you have a website that somehow someone in some far away country has loaded all these french pirated movies, arabian rap songs and warez. They were crafty and placed all these files in a folder named com1, or a folder named with all spaces or perhaps a folder named ..    And now you want to delete these files but how? Deleting folders named COM1 This is first because it's usually Read more [...]

FrontPage retires – Microsoft Expression Web is born and so begins the evolution of FrontPage hosting

The birth of a hosting company In 1999 when Applied Innovations was first launched, it didn't really take off like a rocket ship as one would hope.   You see, I started on the Internet around 1991-1992 via FTP, Telnet, Usenet and ahh my long forgotten friend Gopher.  I remember firing up one of the very earliest versions of UIUC's mosaic and seeing text and images like a newspaper. I thought "wow that's kind of interesting".  It wasn't until I watch the USS Enterprise Read more [...]

Become a Webhosting affiliate – make millions!!

Okay, maybe not millions but it's definitely profitable to be a webhosting affiliate. I really haven't blogged about our webhosting affiliate program but I suppose it's about time I do. The Applied Innovations affiliate program pays $25 per referral. This means you put a special tracking URL on your website with nothing more than "We recommend: for hosting" as the text and every time someone clicks that link and signs up for hosting you get paid $25!  A nice thing is that cookie Read more [...]

Applied Innovations is all grown up & Microsoft Certified Gold!

Applied Innovations ( (applied-eye is how we say it, most of our hosting clients call it app-lid-E) was merely an idea in November of 1998, in February of 1999 we took on our first webhosting clients and officially launched the company as a Microsoft Windows webhosting company running NT4 and IIS4.0 and offering both ASP & PERL on windows!  When Windows 2000 launched we were among the first hosts to launch Windows 2000 hosting and joined the Windows 2000 Hosting Read more [...]

Microsoft & Zend give PHP a kickstart on IIS .. FastCGI for IIS!

Microsoft & Zend have partnered up to improve PHP performance on IIS (yet again!). Today on Bill Staples blog he talks about the great improvements being made: and really goes in depth with a nice demo on performance improvements being made. He has some nice screen captures, etc.   For me though, the best part is that they've released an preview ISAPI for IIS6 which is available for download here: Read more [...]
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