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A little info about Application Request Routing (or ARR) in IIS7.

In the 10 years I’ve been working with Windows as a web hosting platform (and the 15 or so I’ve been working with web servers period), I can confidently say that IIS7 is without question the best web server platform to date.  Microsoft has been working on a plug-in for IIS called Application Request Routing (or ARR). The first version of ARR provided a suite of tools that allowed it to function as a Application Layer Load Balancer! The recently updated beta version extends that functionality Read more [...]

Installing Windows 7 From a USB Thumb Drive

My most popular blog post is about installing Windows 2008 from a USB thumb drive. Over the weekend I decided to upgrade my Laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and used the same instructions to do that upgrade. So the instructions for: Installing Vista from a USB Thumb Drive Installing Windows Server 2008 from a USB Thumb Drive Installing Windows 7 from a USB Thumb Drive are all the same: Read more [...]

Terminal Services Across Multiple Monitors

At work and home I have the same setup, dual monitors. I always RDP into my desktop these days instead of installing Outlook, Office, etc at home and I’ve always found myself not working in dual monitor mode because of this when working remotely. Turns out you can use multiple monitors in Terminal Services afterall. Enabling Multiple Monitors via RDP To enable multiple monitors in an RDP session you’ll use the switch: /span  so you’ll start RDP with the command: mstsc /span When Read more [...]

Remotely Kill Process on a Windows Server

Ran into a problem today where I needed to kill a process on a server that I didn’t have remote KVM access to and couldn’t RDP into. This particular machine had only VNC and the VNC service was hung.  Windows Server includes two commands tasklist and taskkill that allow you to remotely list the processes running on a machine and then kill these processes. Viewing Tasks on Remote Computer To view the processes just use the command: tasklist.exe /S SYSTEM /U USERNAME /P PASSWORD Killing Read more [...]

Quickly Configure or Disable ETags in IIS7 or IIS6

With the move of my blog to a new server, so comes a few new tweaks. Fortunately, I'm on an Windows 2008 Hosting account and I have had delegation enabled so I can remotely manage all the features in my IIS7 website with the IIS7 manager (but more on that in a later post). Earlier this year I fired up firebug and the Y!Slow application from Yahoo to really dial in my website's performance. One of these changes was to disable ETags. On the IIS6 server I was on I found an ISAPI filter that I could Read more [...]