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I speak your language thanks to the Microsoft Translator Widget

While at MIX, I learned about the Microsoft Translator. It’s a website widget you add on your site and allows your visitors to select their preferred language and then translates the page into that language. I had a wordpress plugin at one time that did this but quit using it (I don’t recall why, I think it was because I had to manually add it each time I changed the theme). Anyway, you can learn try the translator on my site by visiting the little box on the right side that looks like this: Read more [...]

Playing with the new Deep Zoom Composer

Microsoft released another update to Deep Zoom Composer on August 3rd. The latest build of Deep Zoom Composer includes a feature that generators the silverlight code for you and also support photo-stitching. Photo-stitching is where you take multiple pictures and stitch them together to create a panoramic photo. Deep Zoom is the seadragon technology from Microsoft that allows you to pan and zoom in an image and the browser downloads only those pieces of the image in detail that you're looking.  Read more [...]

SQL Injection Help .. Microsoft to the rescue with URLScan 3.0.

The number of SQL Injection attacks across the Internet continue to rise. I'm seeing regular posting on the SANS RSS feed related to SQL Injection and XSS these days and clients are finding that applications they thought were not vulnerable turn out to be vulnerable because of patches and custom mods they've had made to them.  For most site owners this meant going back to the developers and getting updates and this is generally costly and time consuming. Fortunately, Microsoft has stepped up Read more [...]

Free Online Photo Editors

With the new addition to the family I've got a renewed interest in taking photographs (and video) and ofcourse sharing them. Yeah, I'm one of those Dads.  So today I wanted to crop a image for William's website (yeah, not even 5 days old and he's already got his own website at ). The image I wanted to crop and enhance was of the wallpaper border in his room of Pooh Bear.  The only tools I had available on my desktop were picasa and snag-it. So the first thing Read more [...]