UPDATED: WebsitePanel 1.2.X is available today and in order for this to work, you’ll need to use updated binaries. Here’s the link to the WSP 1.2.0 SmarterMail binaries: http://jesscoburn.com/wsphacks/sm8-v120.zip The process is the same as for 1.1, simply install the server agent, replace the DLL in the bin folder with this one and then add SmarterMail to WebsitePanel. If this is useful, I’d love a link back to www.appliedi.net :)

We use websitepanel for our control panel of choice these days. It’s powerful, supports everything our customers use and best of all it’s open-source (and previously based off of a commercial product, dotnetpanel).  Unfortunately it does have a short coming and that’s that as new software versions come out there’s a lag related to supporting them. Recently Smartermail 8 came out and the software has built in providers for every version of Smartermail up to 7!  So if you want to support SmarterMail 8 What to do?

What to do

If you’re upgrading from Smartermail 7 to Smartermail 8, your install will continue to work because the SmarterMail web services are generally unchanged.  So go ahead and upgrade a test machine, make sure everything works as it should and you should be all set.

If on the other hand you’re doing a new install and just installed Smartermail 8, you’ll get an error along the lines of expected version not found.  Here’s the thing, the web services are the same so whether you’re running 7 or 8 (or 6 even) it should just work.   Looking through the source code of the Smartermail7 provider you’ll find that when you’re adding a new server with Smartermail is specifically trying to find version 7.   So I edited the source code to allow it to look for version 7 or version 8 and install successfully if either of these are found. 

Where to get the files

Until a SmarterMail 8 provider is coded up and made available I’m making available my custom DLLs. You’ll download the files from http://jesscoburn.com/wsphacks/sm8.zip and extract these three files over the top of the same named DLL’s in your bin folder for your websitepanel server agent.  I’d go ahead and reset IIS and then you should be able to add the mail server without issue.

I hope my friends at SmarterTools will take up the good fight and start providing the opensource modules for WebsitePanel for their products. I’m surprised no one has coded up the ActiveSync module for SmarterMail and made that available in WebsitePanel already (Jeff, Tim, Grady, Bryan, Derek.. c’mon guys.. help a brother out)