From June 2008

SQL Injection Help .. Microsoft to the rescue with URLScan 3.0.

The number of SQL Injection attacks across the Internet continue to rise. I'm seeing regular posting on the SANS RSS feed related to SQL Injection and XSS these days and clients are finding that applications they thought were not vulnerable turn out to be vulnerable because of patches and custom mods they've had made to them.  For most site owners this meant going back to the developers and getting updates and this is generally costly and time consuming. Fortunately, Microsoft has stepped up Read more [...]

Free Online Photo Editors

With the new addition to the family I've got a renewed interest in taking photographs (and video) and ofcourse sharing them. Yeah, I'm one of those Dads.  So today I wanted to crop a image for William's website (yeah, not even 5 days old and he's already got his own website at ). The image I wanted to crop and enhance was of the wallpaper border in his room of Pooh Bear.  The only tools I had available on my desktop were picasa and snag-it. So the first thing Read more [...]

Introducing William Henry Coburn

Here's William Henry Coburn, 8lbs 2oz, 19.5 inches (I'll leave out the silly joke this time). Unfortunately my attempt to blog post from my cell phone via email failed miserably. But here's a couple pictures from the first 24 hours. First Williams Nursery (because I spent a god awful amount of time painting that darn thing) Williams Very First Baby Picture (being held up by his mommy's OB Dr. Newman) Daddy Snips the cord (not nearly as easy as it looks on TV but 10X more gross as you can see Read more [...]