From April 2008

SQL Injection attacks continue, Is it Microsoft’s Fault?

My previous blog post attempted to explain SQL injection and why it's a problem.   It's started to get media coverage now and the media is looking for a target (scapegoat). So as is often the case, someone gets wrongly blamed and right now it's of course Microsoft. It's NOT Microsoft's fault. Here's what's happening, recently Microsoft announced a couple new vulnerabilities and one of these was for IIS.  At the same time there's a barrage of SQL Injection attacks being carried out Read more [...]

SQL Injection attacks and what you can do

It's a shame but not many website owners or for that matter, web developers are familiar with what SQL Injection is and just why it's something they need to worry about.  I'm noticing through various forums, friends, etc an increased number of sites being exploited for Cross Site Scripting through SQL Injection.  Most blog readers are going to say "HUH? Cross Eyed Scripting? What Injection?" Here's what I'm talking about, a hacker will come to your website and use SQL injection to gain Read more [...]

Tips on Configuring and Using Windows Firewall in your VPS and Dedicated Server

A question that's been coming up rather often lately is: "How do I configure the Windows Firewall on my Dedicated Server / VPS Server?" Not many people realize that in SP1 Windows 2003 got a software firewall feature added and even fewer are familiar with how to configure it correctly.  Because of this I wanted to provide a few tips on how to configure your Windows Firewall.  Please note that this is NOT the all encompassing tutorial on how to secure your server or how to use Windows Firewall Read more [...]