From October 6, 2006

I got ICONIZED! Yeap, I’m now a desktop cartoon character

I read an article recently about For $50 they'd take a picture of you and create an icon out of it. Think of it as a digital cariacture.  Well, I couldn't resist it. $50 is a lot of money for this, no question about it but it's just too cool of a concept to not do it. Here's the original image and here's the generated image. The artist that did the work was Jose Ramos and I'd highly recommend him. BTW, now that I have a digitized picture of myself, the FUN begins. First Read more [...]

SQL Injection Attacks

If you write any kind of script on the Internet be it ASP,, PHP, PERL, Ruby, Python, anything that accesses a database then you should be aware of SQL Injection attacks. This posting is going to reference two other blogs, one is the great Scott Guthrie's blog (best damn blog on on the Internet) and his post on Guarding Against SQL Injection attacks. The second blog we'll reference is Scott's inspiration for his blog article, Michael Suttons blog and his work to see just how bad SQL Read more [...]